Monday, December 24, 2007

Break Glass Ceiling--Check

I finally broke the Top 100!!! Number 92! HOLLA!!!

A VERY big accomplishment since Oregon is not exactly being accomodating weather-wise. I think I would have been drier having jumped into a swimming pool than I was after my second run tonight. I was SO unmotivated to be anywhere other than on the couch with a glass of wine and A&E's Pride and Prejudice--all six hours of it!--on the TV. To see that the run from hell was the one that got me into my coveted number 92 spot is just such sweet satisfaction.

Stay tuned! I've got my eyes on breaking another ceiling and getting in the top 75 to finish!

It's only 10 miles a day--no big deal (HA!)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

patience is not a virtue I possess

Ugh. I am sitting at work, with nothing to do (for the first time in about 2 months)and no motivation to take any sort of initiative today. I would ask for work, but I also don’t want to get stuck alphabetizing the storage closet for the last two hours before our glorious 10-day holiday break, so I am attempting to lay low under the “Can You Do Me A Favor” radar and just get the hell out of here!

I am stoked for the Blue Light Special. I have built in snooze time to my morning routine and usually bask in the glorious 20 minutes of sleep indulgence that I take. It’s a mind trick, but one that works for me. This morning, however, there was no happy drifting back into sleep for a precious few minutes. No, this morning I was AWAKE! I tried my damndest to relax and take my snooze allocation, but nothing doing. I’m too excited and my body/sub-conscious just can’t forgo their impatience to be back in Oregon long enough for me to catch my ZZZs or get through work without looking at the clock and sighing at least once every 3 minutes.

And now I have exactly 2 hours and 21 minutes until I take my nightly run (still trying to get in the top 100 for the Jog Off That Nog Challenge) and head over to Therapy for a martini with the girls. Normally, I would consider myself a pretty mentally healthy person, but tonight I’ll take the therapy (I mean I’m obviously having anxiety issues to get on that plane and get back to Pacific Standard)—so long as it comes in the form of a very neat gin martini with a dish of extra olives.

I can seriously feel the cool slippery liquid sliding past my welcoming palate and into my tummy.

Two hours, 17 minutes.

I’m gonna need two martinis by the time I get out of here. I am so absolutely horrid at waiting.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No. 154

Moved up again! YAY!

2 Days until Bethany's Oregon "Blue Light Special"!!!

Can't wait to visit and party with you guys!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Still out of the top 100, but have improved 33 spots! Angel--you'd better be ready to go through doggie boot camp! Cause T-Minus 4 days until we test out that energy resource Mom has been bragging about.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I guess you also should know that I am like No.196 out of about a million and you can't actually see my times yet damn it! But when I catch up to the top 100, my name is "FastAsUCan". Just keep looking for me! I'll be there!

My Very Public Insurance Policy

Ok people, I'm freakin' resolved, bound and determined to actually finish this 150 mile running challenge I've gotten myself into. The best way for me to guarantee this happening is to appeal to my pride and put my progress up for all to see. That way I can't back out or flake out when the going gets tough--as if it didn't get tough enough on that 8 mile run I took down Providence today. God those hills are killer--much worse than they look! I hope I can walk tomorrow, because I've got another 8 miles to do after work. Ah the life of an insanely ambitious 23-year-old woman. 

Check it!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And another thing!

And P.S.

What the hell is up with the weather here? It's like 80 degrees today?

I was unaware that I had moved 20 miles North and into the tropics? Or is Charlotte on the same winter schedule as Austrailia now?

It's seriously freaking me out. Temperatures that usually dictate tanning by the pool make it very difficult to get into the holiday spirit. The only kind of skiing you can do is water skiing (if we had any water that is--stupid drought) and bikinis are more applicable than the gorgeous winter coat I just bought and have worn about 3 times.

Point being: No making fun of me when I think that 50 degrees is freezing when I get home.

“Jog off the Nog Challenge” or “I’ve freakin’ lost my Nog-gin Challenge”?

I think I just hit crazy.

Yes. I’m reasonably sure that I did. At about 7pm yesterday evening. When I got home from a run, sync-ed my iPod to Nike+ and found a challenge created by somebody in Oregon.


These were my first—very pleasant, very normal—initial thoughts. Click! I joined.

And then I looked at what I had done.

I am, as they say, an idiot.

Because I am now a member of a “150 miles in one month” challenge that I have to complete by December 31 and I have run about 12. That’s like 8 percent.

I am SUCH an idiot.

Because I’m not one of those reasonable people who would just get out of the group and let it go.

Oh no. I have to do it now. 7 Miles a day for 20 days. Ugghhhhh.

What’s more? Some woman named Kitty—get this---ran her’s in 10 days.

Show off.

She’s from Ohio. I just think they have a fixation with being number 1.

Yeah we’ll see how that goes without Greg Oden.

God I am such an idiot.