Thursday, July 26, 2007

To All Those Who Have Been Waiting A Month For Me To Return Their Phone Call

Alright. After getting called out by my dad (who I haven't quite convinced to start a blog of his own for philosophical ranting, musing and digressing) for not updating my own blog in quite some time, I've made the executive decision to provide an update on the life and times of yours truly.

I've been working at the Big South Conference for almost a month now. In between learning how to use the fancy telephone, copy machine and actually waking up/get out the door on-time again, I've found a house and housemates. I'm officially becoming a resident of North Cack-a-lack on Tuesday, the thirty-first day of July, this year of our lord, two thousand and seven. I have to admit, I am more than a little heartbroken to give up my valid-without-photo Oregon ID. Though getting pick-pocketed and having to deal with the always rude TSA agents and annoyed bartenders (who never seem satisfied with a government ID sans photo) is not exactly my idea of FUN, it's been a conversation starter--even before I lost the original. I guess my nostalgia is born out of the feeling that this is the last marker of the end of an era for me. I am no longer a kid--which I understood, but am realizing fully only now.

I have an adult job. I have to pay taxes and bills. And damn it, I can't take naps anymore except on Saturdays. But I am also excited about moving to a new city--even if it is only 30 minutes up the road. I'm looking forward to being a young professional and to taking advantage of all the opportunities and challenges that come with this status. Hopefully one of those opportunities will allow me to continue to tell the stories that matter in this world; to give a voice to those who are lacking; to do something that makes a positive difference to our tiny speck of planet that still means the world to those who call it home.

I hope you are also doing well in your worlds. Here's to plotting collision courses and bosom-buddy reunions.